Photo Enlargement on a Matte Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banner as an office photograph
Office Photo Banner

One fun thing about this business is that you see something new every day! In this case our customer wanted to hang a photo in their office. After much talking about how this was going to work, we settled on printing the photo on our matte vinyl, and putting pole pockets top and bottom for displaying it.

To the right is a photo of the final enlarged photo in place, and we think it looks fantastic! The poles top and bottom real add a nice accent, and it’s a great presentation over all. By doing this on vinyl, they have something that is durable and will not fade in the sun. In this case that’s important because the piece is placed right next to a window.
We’ve done a fair number of these since an article appeared in Country Living Magazine about doing this. The article spoke about how to put photo enlargements in places like a porch or patio, where moisture issues make a regular photo in a frame problematic. Our outdoor matte vinyl make this easy, and eye catching!
Of course, we do a lot of photo enlargements on paper, with subsequent mounting on gator board, for your typical office photograph of company products, building, and people.

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