Topo Map Wallpaper

USGS Topo Map wallpaper

Topo Map File

Want to put up custom wallpaper that your hiker friends adore? How about a topo map of your favorite hiking area? Or, perhaps, the area you live in, or have a vacation house near? This can be done, and beautifully.

The USGS publishes digital files of their topo maps that you can download for free. They are pretty nice, hi-rez files, and we can take them up to pretty good size. We can also put a few of them together for you if need be.

So, if you are looking for something unusual to put on that wall, think about a piece of topo map wallpaper!

About Jay Buckley

Owner of MegaPrint Inc.
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2 Responses to Topo Map Wallpaper

  1. pathwaysandpatinas says:

    Dear Jay:
    If you wanted to do entire wall with a specific typo map can this be done? Is the wallpaper pre-pasted? Do you have a guarantee on the product?

    • Jay Buckley says:

      If you have a decent digital file of the topo map, we can make wallpaper from it. We use a top grade 20 oz commercial wallpaper, it is not pre-pasted. Generally we print a hard copy proof for you from your file on the material texture you choose. We guarantee it will match the proof, be of that material, and install in the dimensions of the wall you give us.
      We print on 4 foot wide strips with an inch of overlap to do walls of large size.
      Feel free to call and talk about what you are trying to do.

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