Topo Map as Floor Graphic

Topo Map as floor graphic

Museum Floor Graphic

This floor graphic was used to display a topo map of the hiking in the Lakes District of England, where I spent a week this summer. I thought it was a pretty cool way to display the map, and it received a lot of compliments from the people at the exhibit.

We print floor graphics from time to time, and we keep the material in stock. It’s a heavy, adhesive backed vinyl with a tough, non-slip overlaminate. While we didn’t produce this map, we certainly could have done it.

It was printed in 1 meter wide strips, this being Europe. We get the material in 48″ widths, so we would do a job like this in 45″ or so strips, with an inch of overlap. Typically the installer would do a double cut like they do on wallpaper so that the joint between strips matches perfectly.

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