Shop Floor Posters and Signs

Posters for Factories

Factory Instructions

Communicating how things are to be done in a manufacturing location is often done best with a poster. This poster was done for  a company that wanted to tell people their rules for stacking boxes.

They didn’t think people would remember what they read in a manual, but having the instructions as a poster right on the wall in the shipping department made them hard to ignore. The repetition of seeing the poster all the time gets the message to sink in, too.

We use them a lot in our shop- everything from “Safety Glasses Required” to “Keep This Door Closed”.  We keep our job schedule on a gloss laminated poster, and put the information in with a dry erase marker. We use wallboard vinyl to put messages on machines and on walls. We put gator board signs on tables to tell people what material goes on them. Critically, since we do a lot of cutting on glass, we put a poster saying “Don’t Sit on Me” under the glass!

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