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Vinyl Window Graphic

There’s always a question about how to do a window graphic affordably, attractively, and quickly. On a recent trip to Florida I saw this solution used by Publix Supermarkets, and it made me feel good because we had done a similar job a few days before.

The solution is to hang a small vinyl banner in the window using suction cups to hold it. The banner has holes in the top corners, and it hangs from the hooks in the suction cups. The banner is trimmed to size, without a hem or any grommets. This window graphic was about 2×3 feet in size.

The beauty of this is that the people in the store can install it without being trained. Everybody knows how to put a suction cup on a window! That helps it to be an affordable way to do this, and you aren’t waiting around for the installers to arrive, much less paying for their time.

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